North Atlantic Spring Bloom - NASB 2005

This cruise aboard the R/V Seward Johnson in June, 2005 departed from Fort Pierce, FL.  We first  transited to the Azores where we spent two days before heading north to Iceland. The purpose of this cruise was to explore the ecology of heterotrophic and photoheterotrophic bacteria in the North Atlantic. Surface waters were sampled during the transit across the oligotrophic Atlantic, passing Bermuda on the way. Depth profiles were sampled on the leg from the Azores to Iceland. Water was collected for a number of analyses. One of the most important assessed the effect of light on the growth of heterotrophic bacteria using 3H-leucine incorporation and the uptake of other organic compounds.  We were especially interested in cyanobacteria, including Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus. Flow cytometery and flow sorting of radiolabeled cells was key to this project. Other analyses included bacterial abundance, bacterial production, bacterial community structure (FISH), community activity (Micro-FISH), chlorophyll a, bacterial chlorophyll a, and the abundance of aerobic anoxigenic phototrophic (AAP) bacteria.

NASB 2005